A Childhood Memory of Food Assistance

  My father used to be a pressman.  When I was very young, he was laid off of work for six months. My parents managed their money well, but since […]

Housewarming for a Homeless Family

Homeless and veteran should not be in the same sentence. These are the wise words of Trish Jenner, the St. Louis Area Foodbank’s volunteer coordinator. Trish is absolutely right. No […]

A Box Of Sustenance

Photo courtesy of Feeding America Ruthie Wright is a delightful lady who lives in one of the East St. Louis Housing Authority buildings. Like many low-income seniors, Ruthie has struggled […]

Filling In The Gaps

A tiny hand peeks out from under the blankets while waiting in line at a local pantry / Photo by Bethany Prange The temperature barely reached the 40s, but the […]

Making The Most Of What You’re Given

Photo Reenactment / Photo by Bethany Prange Lilly, the two-year-old pixie in pink, looks around the room, caught somewhere between sleep and mischief.  She wiggles on the lap of her […]