A Childhood Memory of Food Assistance



My father used to be a pressman.  When I was very young, he was laid off of work for six months.

My parents managed their money well, but since my father was the sole breadwinner in the family, the savings dried up quickly.

I remember the night my mom explained food stamps and “government cheese” to me while we were having dinner.

When I spoke with my father this past weekend about this time in our lives, he told me that it was organizations like the St. Louis Area Foodbank that helped our family through that difficult time.

The Foodbank provides USDA product, or government-supplied food.  This food, such as green beans and peanut butter, helped keep us all fed when we fell on hard times.

Now, as an adult, it is my privilege to volunteer with the Foodbank. I am a part of their Social Media Avengers, where it is my honor to promote the Foodbank’s mission and work via social media.

As individuals, there are many ways we can support the St. Louis Area Foodbank:


In 2012, I was honored to volunteer at a food distribution event the Foodbank held in Warren County. Within two hours, we loaded more than 30,000 pounds of food into the cars of families in need.

It didn’t matter that it was one of the hottest days of the summer – that day will leave an impression on my soul forever.

It perhaps meant even more to me to know that I was helping others the way food assistance once helped my family.

I can attest that the St. Louis Area Foodbank brings hope to St. Louis. How has St. Louis Area Foodbank changed your life?

Jason Robison  Jason Robison is a solution architect for a local IT firm in St. Louis and is a member of St. Louis Area Foodbank’s Social Media Avengers team. You can follow Jason on Twitter at @bigjstl.


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