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Beginning August 1, please check in with Susan at the front desk to sign your pickup invoice. After signing the invoice, please return to your vehicle and our warehouse associate will bring out your order.

As a friendly reminder, if you are unable to make your scheduled pick-up time, please email to reschedule. A $25 restocking fee will be charged to all partner agencies who fail to pick up their orders within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment time without setting up a reschedule date. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the coordinator who supports your

Reporting Changes and Service Insight Update

To obtain a more accurate representation of our network, the St. Louis Area Foodbank will be modifying our current reporting guidelines. The current guidelines require that our partners report total households and total individuals served on a quarterly basis. Moving forward, these reports will now be collected monthly. This change will affect our Non-TEFAP partners in MO and IL. For partners in Missouri who receive USDA product, the coordinator who supports your county will be connecting with your site regarding updated reporting guidelines.

Reporting totals for April, May, and June will be due no later than July 10.

Monthly reporting will open on August 1 for households and individuals served in July 2022.

On August 1, sites that do not receive USDA product, can submit the MDR’s (Monthly Distribution Reports) by clicking here or by going to the Agency Access Page on our website and by clicking the Submit QDR (MDR) button.

Leave Reporting in the Past with Service Insights!

Partners who are currently utilizing the Foodbank Service Insights program will no longer be required to submit monthly reports. Starting August 1, 2022, the Foodbank will take over the responsibility of compiling monthly reports while the partner can focus on neighbor intake and guarantee that all information listed in the database is up to date and current.

The SLAFB Service Insights Initiative incorporates a user-friendly database that allows for a more streamlined neighbor intake process that produces a collection of data for reports that a partner can use to demonstrate service impact for grant and fundraising opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about the Service Insights program and leaving reporting in the past, please contact Will Beshore at

Regional Meetings

The St. Louis Area Foodbank is very excited to announce the return of Regional Meetings!

The Regional Meetings will be held in person at 4 locations throughout our service territory and will include a variety of topics such as Foodbank updates, Service Insights updates (data collection and reporting), Advocacy priorities and how you can help, and more! We will also be setting aside time to network with Foodbank Staff and your fellow partners! Presentations will be from your very own Partner Services team, Nutrition Coordinator, Advocacy Manager, and Service Insights Coordinator. To RSVP, please contact the Partner Relationship Coordinator that supports your county.

Holiday/Closed Schedule 2022

January 2022
January 17 | Martin Luther King Day

February 2022
February 21 | Presidents’ Day

May 2022
May 30 | Memorial Day

June 2022
June 20 | Juneteenth

June 30 | Inventory

July 2022
July 1
| Inventory

July 4 | Independence Day

September 2022
September 5 | Labor Day

November 2022
November 24 | Thanksgiving
November 25 | Day after Thanksgiving

December 2022
December 23 | Christmas Eve
December 26 | Christmas Day

December 30 | New Year’s Day

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