Navigating Food Insecurity

One life event – a job loss, an unexpected bill, or a health crisis can lead to the financial stress of choosing between necessities for any of us. Food Insecurity means having to choose between food and other household essentials such as medicine, transportation, or housing.

Families facing these challenges often have trouble knowing where to begin. Needing assistance isn’t something that people plan for. Whether its help with utility bills, housing costs, healthcare benefits, or finding food, the St. Louis Area Foodbank is here to help our neighbors understand what kinds of support are available to them as well as where and how they can access the resources they need. 

Food pantries

Find the help you need near you with our Pantry Locator. Click the button below. Then enter your address or zip code to see what resources and food outlets are available in your area. 

distribution events

Working with partner organizations, the St. Louis Area Foodbank helps to supply, coordinate, and hold food distribution events around the bi-state area each month. 

Mobile Pantries

Food on the Move brings food to neighbors with limited access or transportation to grocery stores. Select nutritious options from the shelves as you walk through our mobile pantry. 

food assistance

We can help you determine if you are potentially eligible for SNAP (formerly food stamps) benefits. Schedule an appointment today for assistance with SNAP applications!


Each month, we distribute more than 8,000 supplemental food boxes to seniors. See if this program is available in your area by contacting a pantry near you using our Pantry Locator tool.

Emergency food assistance

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) is a federal program that helps supplement the diets of low-income Americans by providing nutrition assistance at no cost. Click below to learn more.


We can help you determine if you are eligible for Medicaid benefits. Click the button below to schedule an appointment to talk with our Community Resource team!

Prescription Assitance

No one should have to choose between filling a prescription and feeding their family. Rx Outreach can help you find affordable medication options. Click the button below for more information.

Utility Bills

Paying for food or utility bills can be an difficult dilemma, especially in winter and summer. The United Way’s 2-1-1 program may be able to help with these and other immediate needs.

school-based pantries

Our School Markets are pantries where families can access nutritious food for their entire household each week. Click the button below to learn more about this program.

mental health

The stress of an unexpected bill, job loss, or family crisis can not only cause food insecurity, it can disrupt a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. The United Way offers resources that can help.

affordable smartphone plans

A smartphone is very helpful when navigating challenges posed by food insecurity, but costs can be an obstacle. Click the link to learn about resources or email us at

In their commitment to assisting seniors and loved ones, has developed a guide that offers insights into the unique nutritional needs of seniors. Click the link below to view the Senior Nutrition Guide.

Guide to Government Aid for Seniors

This guide provides insights into available programs, eligibility criteria, and application processes that could help your senior audience receive essential financial support.