Be an Advocate

Donating time, funds, and food are a big part of the effort. But helping raise awareness and sharing the need with others is also invaluable. You can help make a difference by becoming an advocate for hunger relief!

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Write your Congressperson

Use Feeding America’s easy-to-use template to mail your Members of Congress to make nutritional security a priority.

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Share in our Mission

St. Louis Area Foodbank understands that food insecurity is a complex issue that calls for a multi-pronged solution. We distribute food throughout our 26-county service area to meet the immediate need, and we believe larger systemic changes must occur to see a hunger-free future. We work with a network of empowered citizens, passionate partner organizations, and engaged elected officials to advocate for policies and systems that address both immediate challenges and the root causes of food insecurity.

Learn More

Keep up-to-date on all the work the foodbank and our network is doing on our monthly blog. Learn more about upcoming legislation, Foodbank initiatives, and the policy that impacts food access for families in this community. The St. Louis Area Foodbank offers Advocacy Trainings for organizations and group wanting to learn more and dive into grassroots advocacy.

Keep the Conversation Going

Engage your community in the fight against hunger by shedding light on the reality of food insecurity in your own backyard. Talk to friends, family, and colleagues about the solutions to hunger. The more we recognize the problem and collaborate to address the need, the healthier our communities will be.

Make a Difference

Become a hunger advocate today by helping us influence the policy and priorities that ensure a hunger-free tomorrow! When you let your elected official know that hunger is a cause you care about, you help create positive change for all those who struggle to put food on the table.

Lend your voice, share your knowledge, make a difference.


To learn more about food insecurity including current challenges and recent numbers for the bi-state area, click the link below.

Track Hunger Legislation

Find the latest information about recent hunger advocacy and legislation here.

Farm bill

The farm bill is the largest piece of federal legislation for food and farming. It impacts access to nutritious food for the millions of people in the United States facing hunger. As grocery prices rise and supply chain disruptions continue, lawmakers must come together to pass a bipartisan farm bill that supports food banks and the people they serve.

What is the Farm Bill and Why Is It Important?

What’s at stake?

The farm bill is at the heart of food security in America. Check out this short video to learn more about how it helps nourish communities across the country.

urge Congress to permanently expand SNAP!

tell lawmakes to pass a strong farm bill to help farmers and people facing food insecurity!

tell congress to strengthen tefap to help end hunger in rural communities

Are you in need of food?

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