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Through our network of more than 600 partners as well as the diverse programs we offer, The St. Louis Area Foodbank works to provide equitable access to nutritious food and support for the overall wellbeing of the individuals, families, and communities we serve.

We offer support and training for partner agencies and pantry staff equipping them to better serve our neighbors across the 26 counties in our service area. We operate as essential connective tissue between business, government, religious, and civic organizations – locally, regionally, and nationally to address both persistent and urgent needs providing a pathway to nutritional security for all.

what does the foodbank grow?

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tim Morrison, Lead Volunteer. Tim shared his journey with the Foodbank and how we impact the community. Here’s what Tim had to say.

How A Food Bank Works

Statistics change from year to year, but the work of a food bank stays the same. Watch the video to see how the St. Louis Area Foodbank helps provide millions of meals for people every year.

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We believe in Equitable Food Access

We believe that every person deserves the nutritious food that helps to provide a full life for them and their families. This means meeting people where they are. The St. Louis Area Foodbank works with over 600 pantries, agencies, and organizations in 26 counties in Eastern Missouri and Southwestern Illinois assisting those far beyond the greater St. Louis area. 

In coordination with our partners, we offer more than 80 Mobile Markets and Food Fairs each month. These large scale distributions are staged at centralized locations in cities and counties throughout the bi-state area, regularly delivering as much as 25,000 lbs. of food to hundreds of families at each event. 

In addition, our groundbreaking Food on the Move program brings a mobile grocery store to those who lack access to food stores or transportation. Neighbors are able to shop the shelves of our 28-foot trailer at no cost to them. Our 34 School Markets are housed inside Missouri and Illinois schools allowing families to conveniently pick up weekly supplies for their entire households. 

And each month, more than 8,000 supplemental food boxes are packed in our Volunteer Center and distributed to seniors across the region. Besides food provisioning, the St. Louis Area Foodbank also offers help applying for assistance benefits programs like SNAP and Medicaid. 

Through these efforts, the St. Louis Area Foodbank is working to bridge the gap between the needs of our communities and the resources available to assist them through any regular or emergency needs they may have.

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