Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap

Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap!Meredith Knopp Today Feeding America released publicly the annual “Map the Meal Gap” results. Map the Meal Gap (MMG) is Feeding America’s annual study on […]

Volunteer Appreciation Month!

Volunteer Appreciation Month!Meredith Knopp April is National Volunteer Month, however, at the St. Louis Area Foodbank, EVERY month is a reason to celebrate the hundreds of men, women, and children […]

Walmart | Fight Hunger, Spark Change Campaign

Walmart | Fight Hunger, Spark Change Campaign Meredith Knopp This month we want to highlight our incredible partnership with Wal Mart and Sam’s Club as they have partnered with Feeding […]

314 Day!

314 Day! Meredith Knopp Everyone loves a reason to celebrate—a holiday, special occasion, sporting championship—because it gives us a chance to come together with family, friends, or sometimes complete strangers […]

Food is Love

Food is Love Meredith Knopp February is a short month, although a day longer this year, but a great time to really reflect on something that we have built a […]

Hunger Doesn’t Take a Time Out!

Hunger Doesn’t Take a Timeout! Meredith Knopp It’s Superbowl time – and another time of year when friends and family gather to watch the “big game”, or maybe just the […]

Ready for the New Year!

Ready for the New Year!Posted by Meredith Knopp:  In his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr stated, “I have the audacity to believe that peoples […]

Share the Holidays!

Share the Holidays!Meredith Knopp Everywhere you go, there are signs of holiday cheer. From lights and decorations to advertisements for the “biggest sale of the year” – everything looks and […]