With Love & Service

Many years ago, walking into an office for a meeting, I noticed a small, framed quote hanging on the wall that read, “Life is measured in love and positive contributions and moments of grace.”

This quote by Carly Fiorina reminded me of another from Booker T. Washington; “In proportion, as one renders service [they] become great.”

Neither of these statements speaks about financial contributions, specific actions, or recognition of accomplishment, but rather, the simple acts of kindness, love, grace, and compassion that can genuinely make all the difference in the life of another human being.

In the sentiment of appreciation for history and love that February brings, I offer a sincere “thank you” to everyone that has supported the St. Louis Area Foodbank over the past year.

We love our volunteers! 

Despite challenges, you continue to show up each day to pack and prepare food for distribution across our 14 counties in Missouri and 12 counties in Illinois.

Your support of our 600 program partners and partner agencies is humbling. Thank you for masking-up and facing the cold, rain, and sweltering heat to ensure families have nutritious food in their homes.

This community is so generous.

We are honored to know that your support means trusting us to work hard to meet the increased need for food and access services. We are inspired and grateful for the love of our donors – who send hard-earned money without fanfare, parades, or expectations for media glory.

Your contributions allow us to meet the increased need. Full stop! We use donations to purchase food and ensure people have complete, nutritious meals to eat. Thank you for providing for nearly 5 million complete meals a month, or more, throughout this pandemic.

Looking further into 2021.

We recognize that our region and our country will take a very long time to recover fully from this pandemic. As we continue listening and learning from our communities, piloting new programs to eliminate food access barriers, and empowering people with resources to no longer need emergency food assistance, we promise to be here every step of the way.

So, thank you – to everyone for the love and positive contributions to support our mission and your simple acts of compassion and grace during some very challenging times. We celebrate you every time we provide food, and we thank you each time we remove a barrier to access. Through collective service, we will build a bi-state region where no one goes to be hungry.


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