Food Straight From the Farm to Your Front Door


Have you looked inside your refrigerator lately and noticed it was a bit empty because you haven’t had time to grocery shop?

If pushing a cart through the grocery store to stock up the fridge seems like just another overwhelming task in your busy week, we have an alternative solution.

If you live in the bi-state region, Green B.E.A.N (Biodynamic, Education, Agriculture, Nutrition) Delivery – Missouri will bring healthy food right to your door.

The idea behind this form of fresh product distribution began in 2007 in Indiana, according to Evan Winkler, purchasing manager for Green B.E.A.N Delivery – Missouri.

The owners of Green B.E.A.N Delivery were eager to network with local farmers to build a food system based on enjoying local, fresh food and encouraging economic growth.

The success of their locations in Indiana led to openings in Ohio, Kentucky and the St. Louis metro area.  Since it opened in February, the St. Louis-area location has already grown to nearly 600 orders per week.  Green B.E.A.N will deliver to any area within a 30-35 mile radius of their O’Fallon, Mo., facility. Check out their service area map ❯

The St. Louis Area Foodbank had the pleasure of being introduced to Green B.E.A.N Delivery – Missouri in early February.  In celebration of their O’Fallon location grand opening, a truck delivered nearly 3,000 pounds of assorted produce to our warehouse.

The Foodbank later created a more committed partnership with Green B.E.A.N.  For the last four months, the Foodbank has received loads of produce items that are not used for customer orders.

Every Monday morning, a Foodbank driver makes a stop at the O’Fallon location to retrieve any food that was not used for orders the week prior.  The boxes we receive are filled with produce and natural grocery items that are in need of immediate consumption.

Once we bring the product back to our warehouse, we distribute the food directly to an agency that operates a weekly youth program.  With the 300-400 pounds of food Green B.E.A.N. donates each week, the Foodbank is able to provide roughly 300 nutritious meals to children who may not otherwise have access to healthy and fresh foods.

We look forward to a continuing partnership with Green B.E.A.N Delivery – Missouri, especially as we head into the peak of the summer growing season!

To learn more about the Green B.E.A.N services, their partnered farmers, and how they provide community outreach, please visit


Shannon O’Connor
Shannon O’Connor is the Distribution Manager at the St. Louis Area Foodbank




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