Behind the Scenes: Reshaunda Thornton’s Visit to the Foodbank

Behind the Scenes: Reshaunda Thornton’s Visit to the Foodbank

Recently, Reshaunda Thornton of the Dietician Against Diets podcast visited the Foodbank to learn more about what we do and how we do it.

Like a lot of people, prior to visiting the Foodbank, Reshaunda imagined our facility was closer in size to many of our partner food pantries. She was amazed by the size of our facility, as well as the amount of fresh produce, dairy products, and proteins we distribute year-round. Along with shelf-stable items such as canned goods, pastas, and cereal, we’re working with our partners in the food industry to provide complete meals to area kids, adults, and seniors. Continued support from this community makes it all happen.

Check out this video produced by Midcoast Media, made possible by Midwest Dairy, to learn more about the issue of hunger, the rise in need for food assistance due to the pandemic, and how the Foodbank (through our network of partner agencies and distribution sites) is providing nutritious food to people living in our 26-county service territory. Reshaunda speaks with our President & CEO – Meredith Knopp, our Director of Marketing – Ryan Farmer, and our Nutrition Programs Coordinator, Jenny Duez, LD, RD to provide insight as to how we’re building stronger communities by empowering people with food and hope.


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