Mobile Distribution Programs

We swiftly deliver fresh and nutritious food directly to clients living in areas with limited access to fresh foods.

As part of our Foods to Encourage model we are bringing in more dairy, meat and fresh produce than ever before.

While fresh food is often the most nutritious, it must be given out immediately to maintain quality. To meet this challenge we have three Mobile Distribution Programs:

  • Food Fairs
  • Mobile Markets
  • Agency Market Pickups

These programs help us meet our Meal Per Person In Need (MPIN) county goals.

We coordinate these programs with our partner agencies and other community organizations.

Food Fairs are held in areas where people in need have limited options for food assistance. These are often rural areas where there are fewer hunger relief agencies.

Each month we identify a county that is in need of more food based on our Meal Per Person In Need goals.

We work with a partner agency in that community to identify 200 families who are the most in need. These families receive Food Fair vouchers.

In one afternoon we give out approximately 18-25,000 pounds of food and toiletry items directly to these families.

Our Programs Team team attends and manages these events with the help of our partner agencies and volunteers.

At Mobile Markets, we deliver up to 16,000 pounds of food to a selected partner agency.

Agency volunteers and staff quickly give the food out to families in need.

We make almost 60 Mobile Market deliveries each month.

Agencies in both rural and urban locations benefit from the Mobile Market program. Markets can coincide with an agency’s scheduled open hours, or serve as an added resource.

Agency Market Pickups are for partner agencies that have a dock-high truck and a need in their community for a mobile market. It gives them the option to pick up the food at the Foodbank instead of having it delivered.

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