Illinois TEFAP

Annual USDA civil rights compliance training for staff and volunteers at TEFAP distribution sites located in Illinois. This page was last updated on June 14, 2024.

Scroll below video for related resources and course completion form.

Related Resources and Course Completion Form:

Illinois TEFAP Course
(read-only version: no audio, can be downloaded and printed)

Course Completion Attestation
(online only, if showing video to a group please have each person complete and submit their form separately, thank you)

Questions? Please contact the Quality Assurance Coordinator or your Partner Relationship Coordinator.

Helpful forms:
Temperature Charts
Pest Control Log
Signature Sheet IL444-4511 (Final FY24)
Proxy Form IL444-4510 (Final FY24)
Monthly Distribution report IL444-4509 Current for FY24 (Revised in 2018)
DRAFT FY24 TEFAP Distribution Site Manual IL444-4525
• IDHS Site Inspection Form IL444- 4528 (see DRAFT version in manual, above)
• Referral Form (see DRAFT version in manual, above)