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St. Louis Foodbank presents Volunteer Stories.

My name is Ron Banister. I actually grew up in Eastern Kansas but I have been in St. Louis since 1984.

When did you first start volunteering at the Foodbank?

Oh, about two years ago, our church, Ascension Church comes once a month. Now they’re starting to come twice a month. I would come up with them and work up here. Then one day I just asked William about possibly helping. I was really inspired by that. I am retired and I was looking for something to do that would help me give back to people.

Do you feel the St. Louis Area Foodbank impacts the community?

Oh yeah, tremendously. I see an impact from different people that I talk to that use the resources – you know some people who run pantries and such.

Do you feel the work you do is making a difference in the lives of people in need?

Definitely, I definitely do. I work on Mondays at a food pantry that’s in downtown St. Louis and there I am seeing the people that are coming. You just would not believe how appreciative they are of everything we give to them.

What one thing would you like to see happen to improve circumstances for those struggling with hunger in America?

Well, I think one of the things that maybe we could work on is nutrition. I think sometimes we are giving out a lot of cakes and Oreo cookies and we really need to give them some things that are high protein. You know they aren’t getting the protein and the energy that they need.

Would you encourage others to volunteer at the Foodbank?

The only thing I can say is since I started coming here on a more regular basis, and even when I was helping before… I just really enjoy every day that I come here. I really enjoy coming here. I have never really worked at a place that I look forward to when I come in. On the days when me and my wife are out of town, and I miss Friday, I actually go ‘oh darn I am not going to be able to go to the Foodbank.’ I feel like it’s an opportunity and a blessing for me to be able to come up here.

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Bethany Prange
Bethany Prange is the communications coordinator at the St. Louis Area Foodbank.



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