Volunteer Stories: Leader of the Pack

Jeremy Andert volunteering at the St. Louis Area Foodbank /  Photo by Bethany Prange

 When Jeremy Andert first began volunteering at the St. Louis Area Foodbank in August, he was shy and withdrawn. He rarely uttered a word.

Now, almost six months later, Jeremy practically runs the show! He charms the other volunteers with his beaming smile, and keeps them entertained with his stories.

He’s a pro at sorting food and packing boxes for families in need. At the end of the volunteer shift, Jeremy even reads the accomplishments for the day to the entire group.

He considers it his job to rally the troops and get the other volunteers excited about the families they’ve helped. After all, one of the Foodbank’s volunteer coordinators, Trish Jenner, even named him honorary Volunteer Leader.

She gave him a black hat that has his new title embroidered on the front.

“It has my name on the back!” Jeremy says proudly. “They gave it to me December 23. I’m lucky!”

Jeremy, 24, comes to the Foodbank through St. Louis ARC, and his work here helps him learn basic job and life skills.

Jeremy says he likes to volunteer because when he’s here he makes new friends. He volunteers at the Foodbank on Thursdays and Fridays, and at KidSmart on Tuesdays.

    Trish Jenner is a volunteer coordinator at the St. Louis Area Foodbank

    William Amos is a volunteer coordinator at the St. Louis Area Foodbank


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