USDA Report: 44 Million Americans Are Food Insecure

USDA Report: 44 Million Americans Are Food Insecure
Meredith Knopp

Yesterday the USDA released a report revealing the number of people living in food insecure households in the United States in 2022 increased to 44 million, including 13 million childrenan increase of 31% for all individuals and 44% for children from the previous year, the highest rate and number of individuals and children since 2014 and the largest one-year increase in food insecurity since 2008.

We have seen demand increase over the past year, and this report confirms what we already know – that food insecurity is hitting our region hard. The end of pandemic-era relief efforts combined with the high cost of food has severely impacted the ability for many families to make ends meet. The St Louis Area Foodbank is operating under increasing pressure from the growing number of people experiencing food insecurity and a diminished supply of nutritious food to distribute. Food donations and fundraising have decreased since the pandemic, and while we are grateful for support from the USDA, it simply is not enough.

The St Louis Area Foodbank needs your help now, more than ever. To make a donation to help ensure children and families have access to healthy and nutritious foods, and to help lower this sobering trend, please visit:

To read more about food insecurity or to read the full USDA report please click the links below:


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