Seasons of Change

‘Tis the season when temperatures start getting cooler, fall activities and sports are in full swing, and trees explode with the most vibrant of colors. We just ended ‘Hunger Action Month’ and we are so grateful and humbled by the outpouring of ORANGE we saw throughout September! From volunteers participating in our first ever ‘Helpie Hours’ to social media accounts turning orange on ‘Hunger Action Day’, so many people stepped up for our two matching gift days sponsored by our friends at BMO Harris Bank and Emerson. This community really kicked it up a notch this September and we are truly thankful!

As we speak about being grateful and thankful, we turn our eyes towards the holiday season which will be here before you know it. Here at the St. Louis Area Foodbank, we believe the holidays should be a time of joy – for everyone. A time when families come together to celebrate their cultures, their religions, and the simple joys of life itself. The common denominator that exists and unites people in every celebration, from Diwali to Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas to Kwanza is food. Sure, the meals may look or taste different, but food brings people together, and that is something the St. Louis Area Foodbank is looking to support, strengthen and shine a light on during our “Season of Giving” campaign.

This year we will be focusing on the beautiful diversity that exists right here in the bi-state region. We will share a wide array of stories and traditions from our partners and agencies across our 26 counties. We challenge our community to learn more about one another, so we can understand and celebrate our differences while coming together as a region.

It’s important to recognize that the holiday season can also be a hard time for people, especially with everything going on in the world right now. We are looking for new ways to learn from our communities on how to best support their unique needs so that everyone has the food they need to celebrate the holidays – whichever ones those may be.

From volunteering your time to giving a donation, sharing your voice, or sharing your stories, our goal is to make the holidays joyful, bountiful, and hopeful for everyone that calls the bi-state region home. Please look for new events and opportunities to join us on our website ( or by following us on social media @stlfoodbank on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

As the leaves begin to turn and share with us their most vibrant colors of the year, we look forward to having you join us as we kick off the “Season of Giving’ — celebrating and uniting our community through food and hope.


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