Retired, But Not Resting

Glenn sorts donated product in the Foodbank’s Volunteer Center / Photo by Bethany Prange

Retirement. For some, it means traveling the globe. For others, it means getting to some of those home projects you’ve been putting off for years.

For Glenn from Hazelwood, retirement means giving back after a career of public service.

When Glenn is in town, you can generally count on him coming out to volunteer at the Foodbank at least twice during the week. He’s always smiling, knows most of the Foodbank staff by name and he often has food to donate with him when he arrives.

He’s not fulfilling an obligation, it’s not mandated, he just enjoys the feeling he gets from helping feed hungry people and meeting other volunteers at the Foodbank.

We love having Glenn as a volunteer because you can tell that his heart is in what he’s doing every time he boxes up food to go out to area pantries.

He may be retired, but he’s certainly not resting.

Those in need certainly get a lot out of Glenn’s hard work, watch the video below to find out what volunteering means to him.

 Trish Jenner is a volunteer coordinator at the St. Louis Area Foodbank


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