Butterfly Haven Swoops in During Time of Need

Simply stated, Butterfly Haven’s mission is to enrich the lives of children impacted by foster and crisis situations. Families affected by crises such as house fires, mold infestation to domestic violence come to them through recommendations.


However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the small, all-volunteer organization knew they had to transform during this time to continue helping families however possible even though it meant shifting their normal operations.

Pam Peters, vice president with Butterfly Haven, quickly determined they needed to, “get in with a food group to help us help others.” She sent a letter to the St. Louis Area Foodbank in early March, the same time we were reinventing our Mobile Market program and bringing in new partners under our wings to distribute food to those in need. In fact, between March and the end of May, we have brought in 63 new partners across the bi-state region to get food in the hands of people who need help during the pandemic.

Unassumingly nestled in at the far back end of Mid County Industrial Drive in Overland, Butterfly Haven already has a small food pantry filled with canned goods and other basic necessities for its clients but was not working with St. Louis Area Foodbank, yet.

Taking Flight

Since Ms. Peter’s first letter was sent, Butterfly Haven has now completed its third Mobile Market with the St. Louis Area Foodbank. The number of people coming through for food and some other necessities (which also included diapers and some toys for small children from other partners at their June Mobile Market) has increased dramatically. “We started out small,” Pam said of their first Mobile Market. They served 19 families the first time, 124 families the second time and 120 in June.

With a quiver in her voice, Pam urged people to not be afraid to get food from any of the local Mobile Markets and to “let the pride go. If you need food you need to feed your family, that is what is important.”

On working with us to serve people in the community, Pam emphatically stated, “the Foodbank is the bomb.”



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