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Agency: Bread For Life Food Pantry
820 Cap Au Gris St, Troy, MO 63379

· Bread For Life Food Pantry opened in 2003.

· We currently serve an average of 450 families each month.

· We have currently made changes to our pantry intake and food distribution in response to the ongoing Corona Virus outbreak.

· Our clients always receive a number card when they enter our parking area. An additional half sheet is now given to them with the following instructions:


1. Take a number and wait in your vehicle or outside the door until your number is called.

2. The waiting room will not be open for clients to wait inside.

3. When your number is called come up to the outside table and your half-sheet will be filled out. You will sign the regular sheet.

4. You will then wait outside until your order is filled and brought to the double exit doors.

5. You can then take your food or someone will help you get your food into your vehicle.

This change in procedure was welcomed not only by our many volunteers but also by our clients who normally enter in groups of 20 who sit and wait to be called from our waiting room. Since we have elderly clients and many elderly volunteers we felt this best protected both groups.

· At the close of the Pantry, clients and volunteers thought the changes worked very well and we will continue with this policy until the Corona threat ends.

· Our Pantry is well known within our community and is generously supported by groups, businesses, churches, children’s groups and individuals. The 50+ volunteers have a wide representation throughout the county and serve has contacts for those in need and for donors.

· In June of 2019 Peoples Bank of Trust of Troy nominated Bread for Life Food Pantry for a $15,000 Strong Communities Award, presented annually by the Federal Home

Loan Bank of DesMoines, IA. The $15,000 first place award was given to the Bread For Life Food Pantry in October, 2019 and presented at the annual meeting held in Minneapolis, MN.

· Bread For Life Food Pantry also provides food to other community programs in Lincoln County: 50 Senior Boxes monthly to homebound seniors who receive delivered meals; The Buddy Bag Program at the LC – R III District Schools. Buddy Bags are sent home weekly on Friday’s to children in need. Market Boxes are provided weekly to the local Domestic Violence Shelter and to The Key, a new shelter for teens in need. Those boxes of food help to stock the shelves at both of those community shelters.

· Bread For Life Food Pantry is a way for our community to help our neighbors in need. Many clients return and work as volunteers as a way to show their appreciation for assistance received.

6. Restroom is open – but only one person into the waiting area at a time.


Agency Contact Information: (636) 528-3646

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