307, 2019

Uniting the Region

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As the Stanley Cup begins its world tour - spending a day with every St. Louis Blues player, coach, hockey operations executive, trainer and equipment manager on the team - it seemed like a good time to reflect on the amazing season that we witnessed and what we can learn from it. Winning the Stanley Cup was an amazing accomplishment [...]

3005, 2019

A Powerful Reminder

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“Hunger can affect anyone, but ANYONE can affect hunger.”  These words, this “challenge” if you will, developed organically. It wasn’t a product of research, marketing plans or a survey. You’ll see that phrase on many of our printed materials. If you were to take a walk through our building and make stops in any of our offices, our Volunteer Center [...]

2105, 2019

Meet Trish, our Volunteer Center Manager

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Earlier this month, Trish Jenner started her position as Volunteer Center Manager. Trish worked in our Volunteer Center from 2010-2013 before she transitioned into a warehouse role. After working in the Warehouse for a little more than 5 years, she was excited for the opportunity to return to work with the volunteers. We're lucky to have such an energetic and [...]

2604, 2019


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Someone recently asked me about the 6th annual Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign that we just kicked off with our wonderful partners - Walmart, Sam’s Club and Feeding America - and what it meant for the St. Louis Area Foodbank. The data side of my brain immediately went to the facts: that for every dollar donated to the St. Louis [...]

2703, 2019

What is Food Insecurity?

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Spring is here and that means the days are longer, flowers are blooming, and baseball returns to St. Louis! However, not everyone is able to enjoy these simple pleasures because they’re worried about where their next meal will come from. That is what it feels like to be food insecure. I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on [...]

102, 2019

Answer the Call

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After witnessing a very powerful moment earlier this week, January 29th is now an important day for me for two reasons. First and foremost, this year I got to spend most of the day in the beautiful town of Pinckneyville, Illinois with two wonderful people - George and Betty Culley who run Least of the Brethren Food Pantry. The St [...]

2401, 2019

Semper Paratus: thoughts from the Foodbank’s President and CEO

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Semper Paratus. Two simple words that to the men and women of the United States Coast Guard serve as words they live by – always ready. For these men and women, the job hasn’t changed. They are getting up every morning and leaving their loved ones to serve their country by going to work - ensuring they are always ready [...]

2301, 2019

Stepping Up During the Government Shutdown

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On December 21, lacking the funding legislation to keep it up and running, the government entered a partial shutdown. Over a month later, now with holiday festivities and New Year celebrations well behind us, the shutdown lingers on. As a result, organizations like the St. Louis Area Foodbank are preparing to offer assistance to those facing the consequences of a [...]

1012, 2018

Proposed Changes Prompt Network-Wide Advocacy

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In September, the Administration made a troubling proposal that would increase the likelihood of legal immigrant families becoming food insecure. Under current policy, an immigrant may be denied legal permanent residency if they demonstrate a likelihood of becoming dependent on government benefits, also known as a public charge. Officials make this determination by considering whether or not an individual receives [...]

1506, 2018

Upcoming SNAP Assistance Opportunities – Illinois

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Need SNAP Application Assistance? Our Illinois Agency Relations Coordinator, Melanie, will be available at several locations in throughout the month of June to assist with SNAP applications for Illinois residents. Melanie will be able to answer questions about SNAP, pre-screen applicants, and evaluate current SNAP benefits for those already receiving SNAP.   Dates and Times for SNAP Assistance: Wednesday, 6/20/18 – [...]