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Who We Serve

We feed Derek, a St. Louis father of three who works through the night at his job, but still can’t afford the food his family needs.

We feed Doris, the Farmington, Mo., senior citizen who selflessly volunteers at the local food pantry, but struggles to put food on her own table.

We feed Ken and Krista, a couple from Carlyle, Ill., who work hard to overcome hardships, but still have to choose between paying bills and providing food for their children.

The 43,000 people we feed each week are just like you.

They are mothers and fathers, senior citizens and children, all hoping that one day they won’t have to ask for help.



Apple knows the importance of hunger education and outreach because she knows the reality of hunger. After a series of unexpected family circumstances, Apple found herself in a very tight situation financially.

Ken and Krista

Ken and Krista know we’re all just one or two major crises away from needing help, because they’ve gone through it themselves.


Gwen began volunteering at her neighborhood food pantry three years ago, long before she ever needed help herself.


Chris has worked his entire life, but still struggles to make ends meet.


Derek does his best to provide for his family, but times are tight, especially with three growing children.


Doris knows hunger. She has seen it from every angle.


Dianna can remember almost every detail of that Saturday in 2007. It was the day she lost everything.

Lynda and Lilly

Lynda is the epitome of strength, smiling and laughing despite the struggles she faces.

Cindy and Tom

Cindy and her baby stood outside the food pantry for almost an hour, braving the cold just so they could take home the food they need.

John and Dave

John and Dave are working to make better lives for themselves, and don’t mind helping others while they’re at it.