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Food insecurity is a multi-faceted problem, which is why a hunger-free future requires multifaceted solutions for the problems our communities face. Advocacy is a powerful tool in the fight against hunger because good and thoughtful policy can address the systemic challenges and underlying issues that make and keep families hungry.

With the help of caring citizens and conscientious lawmakers, the St. Louis Area Foodbank lobbies for a brighter future by supporting nutrition programming, opposing legislation that threatens our neighbors’ access to food, and providing a platform for people to tell their stories and make their voices heard.

Learn More

Monthly advocacy updates are available on our blog. Learn more about upcoming legislation, Foodbank initiatives, and the policy that impacts daily life for struggling families.

Keep the Conversation Going

Engage your community in the fight against hunger by shedding light on the reality of food insecurity in your own backyard. Talk to friends, family, and colleagues about the need for a solution to hunger. The more we recognize the problem and collaborate for solutions, the healthier our communities will be. 

Make a Difference

Become a hunger advocate today by helping us influence the policy and priorities that ensure a hunger-free tomorrow! When you let your elected official know that hunger is a cause you care about, you help create positive change for all those who struggle to put food on the table.

Lend your voice, share your knowledge, make a difference.

To find out ways you can participate in Foodbank initiatives and join our team of anti-hunger advocates, contact Ashley Rube.


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