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Retail Pick Up Program

We greatly appreciate all you do for the retailers and the community.  Please note that all agencies are required to use the MealConnect site for recording their poundage and reviewing reports.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the “E-Mail Address” Login Option
  3. Enter your username and password
    1. Username:          (your email address that this message was sent to)
    2. Password:           change12
  4. Hit Login

Please note the following changes:

  • Weights

    • Separate and provide weight into three categories: Produce, Meat and Mix (any/all other items).
  • Product Handling

    • All agencies must use thermal blankets and thermometers to ensure food safety.
  • Reporting

    • Reports must be entered weekly via the form.
  • Stores

    • If you are picking up donations from a store affiliated with the Feeding America retail program that is not on the list to select, please let me know.

    • Please provide your stores with your agency contact information, as well as your holiday schedule.  If you are ever unable to handle your scheduled pickup, you must notify the store immediately and ask them to either hold until the next pickup date or contact the St. Louis Area Foodbank to handle that day.
  • Contact Info

    • If the contact person or email address that we have for the retail program changes please let me know.
  • Retail Guidelines
    • You may also request updated retail guidelines or notify the St. Louis Area Foodbank of any retail store issues you have at your partnered retailers.

Feel free to contact Shannon O’Connor directly with any questions.

Shannon O’Connor
Distribution Manager
314-227-3738 | Direct